Little pup, big world… adventure awaits.


Kindle my heart

Getting ready for work this morning the glow of the sun through the frost on my window caught my attention in my peripherals.  The moment I turned to look the words to “Kindle My Heart” immediately came to mind and the melody quickly melted away the chance of any potential frustrations of the day.  I hope this kindles your heart as it did mine.



To Kindle Your Heart

Thank you

Thank you, Peg, for being a beautiful person inside & out for 99 wonderful years and for making me baby cheesecakes and watching The Lion King with me more times than I can count on two hands.  I love you and thank my lucky stars that I was able to celebrate your 99th birthday by your side!


Thank you, Google, for creating the pixel 3 and allowing me to beautifully capture this happy moment when I didn’t have my camera with me.